Accident Management

What to do in case of an accident

Being involved in an accident or having your car stolen or vandalised can be a distressing time. LeasePlan will help ease some of that stress with immediate driver assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

We will also manage the entire claims and repairs process for you. 

If you are involved in an accident, please follow these steps:

  1. Attend to any injured people first. 
  2. DO NOT ADMIT LIABLITY or offer payment to the other parties. 
  3. Please put the following details IN YOUR VEHICLES DRIVER HANDBOOK to help us with the claims process:
  • Third Party accident details including registration number, vehicle make and model, driver name, address, phone number, Driver Licence Number, their insurance company details and the damage to their vehicle.
  • Witness information, name, address, contact phone numbers 
  • Accident scene information, date, time, street number and name. Note any controlling signs i.e. traffic lights, stop sign, give way etc… 
  • Police attendance – reports, capture the police officers name, number and the station they operate out of. This information can help resolve third party disputes. 
  • Sketch the accident scene, noting the location of your vehicle and the third party/parties vehicle(s) involved.

Call 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) as soon as possible and log the incident details.

Talk to us today to find out how Accident Management can work or you.

How LeasePlan will process your claims and vehicle repairs:

  • To report a vehicle accident, collision, theft or vandalism call 0800 LEASEPLAN
    (0800 532 737). Press option 2 and option 2 again for Accident claims (SurePlan). 
  • You can load a claim over the phone by providing the incident details and LeasePlan/SurePlan will capture the incident information in an Electronic Claim Form (ECF).
  • LeasePlan/SurePlan will arrange an approved repairer in your location. LeasePlan/SurePlan warrant repairs made to your vehicle so long as the vehicle is under LeasePlan accident management and is repaired through an approved repairer network. 
  • The repairer will send all damage estimates and images to LeasePlan/SurePlan to be assessed by a technical officer or an externally appointed damage assessor. 
  • LeasePlan’s/SurePlan’s role is to manage the repair process from date of the claim lodgement through to completion of the repair and delivery back to the driver. 
  • LeasePlan/SurePlan can also assist with claim disputes, providing supporting information should a claim end up in the disputes tribunal system.
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